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what do you like better? steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning


Many people while being in the carpet cleaning industry ask me what is the difference is betweeen Steam carpet and dry carpet cleaning. before i begin just to tell you a little bit about my self I run an Australian - Sydney carpet cleaning company called "Sensational Cleaning" and have been running since 2000.
The main purpose of this blog is to help people with understand the difference between the 2 carpet cleaning methods. Lets look at the both methods

Steam carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning procedures.

1.) Firstly steam carpet cleaning should start of with a proper inspection of the carpets to analyse what furniture needs to be moved for the carpet cleaning process

2.) The carpet cleaner then pre-sprays the carpet with a carpet cleaning shampoo that usual should be low foam as opposed to high foam carpet shampoo. the difference between low foam and high foam is the amount of soap suds.

3.) After the carpet is wet the steam carpet cleaner then uses a large machine called a water extractor (Steam cleaning machine) this water extraction pumps mildly warm water into your carpets then extracts the water out of your carpets.

Steam carpet cleaning Pros:-  perfect for drink stains and heavy drink spills , Urine stains , fresh spills , spotting marks if using a hand extraction method , you can see the dirt coming out visually.

Steam carpet cleaning Cons:- when carpet steam cleaning on the whole carpet, if not done properly wets the underlay causing mould growth. wets underlay my belief is if you can avoid wetting the underlay don't. could take up to 6-8hours to dry

The result can always depend on your carpet cleaning company you use. If you Carpet cleaner doesn't care or have any pride in his work regardless of what method you use you will find you get a half done job.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

1.) Dry Carpet cleaning usually should start with a pre-vacuum using a industrial vacuum cleaner.This usually removes any dust or dirt from the carpet when it is dry.

2.) The next procedure is using the carpet cleaning shampoos they use a turbo dry solvent based chemical that usually evaporates on the carpet.
This is so that it leaves no residue marks on the carpet or leaving any existing soap suds.

3.)The next method is using a buffer which has a carpet cleaning bonnet pad underneath the Buffer, The carpet cleaning bonnet pad is rinsed in a bucket of water with turbo dry solvents which is like a detergent shamoo which washes the pad. The buffer machine then removes stains and washes the surface of the carpets. It has a rotatory motion that helps scrub the carpets.

When coming to a conclusion to which method is better I know that this may be of no help to you but I believe they are both good as each other.

Dry Carpet cleaning Pros:-  Pre-vacumming lift dirt before it gets wet and seeps back into the underlay , your carpets dry in 1 to 3 hours fast dry. Very strong at getting surface stains off, 

Dry carpet cleaning Cons:- Not the best for extraction like fresh drinks , urine etc. Can't see what dirt has come out only mildly. 

 you can also use both carpet cleaning methods which also helps in your carpet cleaning process.

I'm sure there are many of you that have had a good or bad carpet cleaning experience and many people would like to know so please feel free to post your carpet cleaning comments below.

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